Building Services

Building Services

Building services bring the building to life. Heating, ventilation, sanitary and electrical systems often have to be planned and installed in the smallest possible space.

Good building services are one of the largest cost factors when constructing a building. The components used have a major influence on the future operating costs. Changes to or even replacing the planned components during the execution phase frequently results in a massive increase in construction costs along with the subsequent operating costs. When the parties involved in the project utilise the BIM method, the resulting data coordination and data transparency make it possible to identify and avoid planning errors early in the process. In 2009, more than 60% of the companies surveyed in the McGraw Hill Construction Report stated that utilising the BIM method resulted in fewer conflicts in the execution planning. CADSTUDIO is one of the first System companies to specialise in optimising building services work processes through the use of the BIM method. The focus is on the use of Revit supplemented by CADSTUDIO Revit projectBOX mep. CADSTUDIO Revit projectBOX mep simplifies the initial implementation of the BIM method and serves as the link for transferring information to calculation programs and quantity specifications as per VOB guidelines (VOB: German Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations).

BIM for building services

The BIM method offers numerous advantages when used at a company such as an architectural office or planning office for building services.

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