Engineering Construction

Engineering Construction

Statics are essential for civil engineering in order to ensure the structural integrity of constructions. Calculations and graphical processes for evaluating the loads affecting a structure have to be highly precise.

The BIM method provides the optimum foundation for consistent data spanning all of the work areas. Integrating civil engineering into the BIM increases the precision and also improves the buildability given that the structural engineering is directly linked to the detailed model. This results in a static structural model for the structural analysis, construction documentation and structural calculations. We recommend Autodesk Revit when using the BIM method for structural engineering. For example, you can carry out preliminary static measurements directly in Revit and then export the analytical statics model to leading statics solutions while also creating the physical model in Revit. Autodesk Revit offers a diverse range of options for optimising civil engineering work processes such as formwork and reinforcement planning, steel construction planning or the planning documentation.

BIM for civil Engineering

CADSTUDIO’s support with the implementation of the BIM method now enables numerous companies of different sizes to complete their projects in shorter times, with lower costs while achieving higher quality.

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